The Indigenous People of Biafra has distanced itself from any further sit-at-home being imposed on the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

The proscribed group said the weekly sit-at-home it ordered in protest of the arrest and detention of its leader, Nnamdi Kanu has since been suspended.

As statement said to have been signed by IPOB’s spokesperson, Emma Powerful, threatened that anyone caught enforcing any sit-at-home, except on the day Nnamdi Kanu will be appearing in court will be seen as a saboteur.

Such person will be made to regret his or her actions and be treated as a traitor.

“Anybody trying to enforce any sit-at-home order using the name of IPOB is a saboturer, and does so at his peril.

“If we catch anybody disturbing the peace of Biafrans or residents in Biafra land under the guise of enforcing non-existent sit-at-home order, such a person regret his actions because he will receive the reward of traitors.”

The suspension of the sit-at-home follows interventions by well meaning persons from the region. IPOB says it acted responsibly because it intends not to worsen the pain of the people.

“IPOB is a responsible organization with reasoning and empathy. We cannot be part of the problem we are trying to solve.

“We cannot join the enemies to compound the woes of our people we are fighting to liberate. That was why we suspended the ghost Mondays that we earlier declared because of the economic implications to our people.

“We listened to appeals by the people and reviewed our stance on the matter then.”

IPOB also strongly condemn the barbaric act by hoodlums and mentally deranged fellows who disrupted a WAEC exam in a school in Imo State on Monday.

“IPOB leadership is hereby promising to replace those motorbikes burnt in the school to their owners and rebuild school blocks burnt by hoodlums in the name of ESN and IPOB volunteers.

“This is not to portray or indicate that IPOB committed the heinous crimes against our people and promise to set up taxforce to chechmate those parading themselves as IPOB volunteers and those committing this crime against humanity and our people, we plead to Biafrans to bear with us for this dastardly act against humanity they are using to disrepute and demormize IPOB in the world,” the statement said.


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