President Goodluck Jonathan says  he is leaving office having taken some hard decisions for which he is ready to pay the price.
The President spoke on Sunday at the thanksgiving and farewell Church Service organized for him by the Anglican Communion at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life Camp, Abuja.
The President seems to have resigned himself to fate that what will follow his stint in government is desertion from his friends and even prosecution
He  draws a correlation with President Frederik Willem de Klerk who took the decision to abolish minority rule in South Africa, whose wife divorced him.
And it is already happening, the President notes as some people who benefitted from government, under his watch, have started turning against him
In the same breath he is sympathizing with ministers and aides who served with him noting that they must be ready for persecution
But the Church is still behind the President or at least the Anglican Communion as its Primate Archbishop Nicholas Okoh describes President Jonathan as a peace maker, a builder and not a destroyer. And these actions he says have elevated the President into the class of distinguished statesmen.
The Church also presented Jonathan with an award of Steward of Peace, Unity and National Stability.



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