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The Nigerian Presidential spokesman is a senior Aso Rock Villa official whose primary responsibility is to act as the mouthpiece for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, especially with regards to the President’s image, and his policies.
 He is responsible for collecting information about actions and events within the president’s administration, and interacts with the media.
Reuben Abati, the Nigerian presidential spokesman in this regard is said to be in trouble with his boss, President Goodluck Jonathan for goofs he made in the discharge of his duties.
Source close to the Villa confirmed to Global Village Extra that those in the president’s circle believe that Abati is lacking in how he interacts and deals with the press on behalf of his boss.
“Abati is among the reasons why the president’s image has nosedived at home and abroad, he is said to be selfish and dismissive of other medium who are not in his caucus,” lamented a source who claimed anonymity for security reasons.
Sources within Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, have reliably informed Global Village Extra that President Goodluck Jonathan, if he wins reelection next year, will relieve Special Adviser on Media, Reuben Abati following his mundane reports on activities involving the country’s number one citizen!
Abati, who as a journalist, was reputed for his tough articles which kept government and its agencies on their toes, has since compromised his stance as soon as he joined Jonathan’s cabinet.
“Abati is not competent to manage the image of a president who is facing a difficult reelection.
“Recall that in 2011, he was in the media criticizing the president, that he seemed to be in his comfort zone.
“I heard it was because of his incompetence that Okupe was brought in to handle a few things on behalf of the president”, the source added.
Recently, he has been slammed for his ridiculous statements which were targeted at redeeming the  image of the Federal Government.
Instead of having the image repaired, Abati has further damaged the FG’s image with conflicting and untrue reports about the President’s achievement.
Most notable among them was a case of him tweeting pictures of Kano State government projects as some of the achievements of the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration.
He was condemned by observers and the Kano State government demanded an apology for the anomaly which it stated with facts, were the projects being executed by Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, governor of the state.
And on Sunday, while speaking during an interview with the Voice of America, Abati  continued with his vague statement about the president’s achievement when he said that despite the criticisms being directed at President Goodluck Jonathan, majority of Nigerians are aware that the Federal Government under his watch has performed creditably well.
Many believe that Abati’s claims that majority of Nigerians are backing the president lack credible facts even as it negates the reality on ground in the country.
His remarks on Jonathan’s achievement got many blood boiling  on social media as many tagged Abati as the worse presidential spokesperson in Nigeria’s history.



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