President Goodluck Jonathan has asked Nigerians to forgive him for any mistakes he made in the course of ruling the country as they were not committed deliberately

The President spoke on Sunday at the last service he would attend at the Aso Villa Chapel over which he has presided over for eight years

During the period, Dr Jonathan spent two and a half years as Vice President, six months as Acting President and the last five turbulent years as President

Handover notes will be transmitted to the incoming President and Vice President on the 28th of May. But the handover of the Villa Chapel cannot wait especially as the inauguration service will hold at the National Christian Centre on the 31st of May

Now the reality of a change of baton looms even larger with 12 to go to May 29
And that manifests in the farewell speeches of the President and his wife to the congregation of the Villa Chapel

Perhaps the lesson to learn from all this is that Power is transient and it is a lesson that has been imbibed properly by the first family going by their speeches

Of course, many whose membership    of the chapel was predicated on their seeking contacts in the corridors of power will drop out even from now, while a new set of worshippers will form the core of the Chapel

So even at the Villa Chapel, change has come



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