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President Goodluck Jonathan was in Sokoto and Gusau on Monday and Tuesday continuing his mission of canvassing for votes that would return him to power in next month’s elections

A cursory look at the equation in the North West from the outside would probably have located Sokoto as one of the states which had strong support for President Jonathan despite the fact that the Governor of the State is a member of the All Progressives Congress

But it was probably where he got his feather ruffled, starting from his visit to the Commander of the Muslim faithful, Sultan of Sokoto Sa’ad Abubakar the third , who did not spare him in exposing some of the weaknesses of government

Sultan Abubakar is particularly concerned about the failure of the Independent National Electoral Commission to sufficiently circulate Permanent Voters Cards to eligible voters nationwide

The Sultan is also concerned about the violence being perpetrated by supporters of the main candidates, reminding the President that it is his responsibility to ensure that peace and stability reign

The crowd that turned out at the Shehu Kangiwa square in Sokoto however gingered him up as in true fighting spirit, President Jonathan stressed that “those who stopped Shagari from completing his second tenure would  not succeed in stopping him this time, Insha Allah!”

‎The President also pleaded with politicians not to  worsen the challenges of insecurity and the menace of Boko Haram in the Northeastern part of the country through the violence perpetrated by their supporters.

In contrast Emir of Gusau Mohammed Kabir Danbaba presented President Jonathan with a certificate conferring on him the traditional title of Garkuwan Manoman Zamfara” or “Shield of the Farmers of Zamfara”

The title according to Dr Danbaba was to appreciate the President’s huge support for farmers in the state

Probably emboldened by the title and the massive crowd that turned out for the rally at the Trade Fair complex in Gusau, the President laid down the challenge

The crowds that had turned up in both North Western cities should be a warning to the opposition All Progressives Congress that it may not have that massive block vote that it has been assuming it possesses

The Gubernatorial candidates of the ruling party in both states are upbeat that they will turn both states back to PDP states


The contrasts in the crowds in acceptance in both North Western states should not overshadow the message ofthe Sultan of Sokoto which laid out the acrimonious nature of the build up to the February 14 elections and reminded the President that it was his responsibility to ensure that peace and stability reign

Afterall,  for there to be elections, there must be a country first and for leaders to lead, there must be people to follow



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