From Bonnie Iwuoha, Umuahia

Life bestows upon men responsibilities which if accomplished with genuine commitment attract enormous reward. It therefore behoves every person who finds himself in a privileged position to use it for the good of majority of the populace bearing in mind that the day of reckoning will come.
The Holy Bible records that as long as live exists, seedtime and harvest shall not cease, naturally, the saying also goes that whatever a man sows that he shall also reap. Whoever sows bountifully reaps bountiful harvests in return, while those who sow sparingly and miserly equally reap very lean harvest.
The exceptional leadership style of Chief T. A. Orji, CON, in the governance of Abia State brought with it unprecedented wellbeing to the people as well as the corporate image of God’s Own State. 
A leader whose preoccupation is the upliftment of the people, a leader that feels what the people feel, a leader that looks at life through the prismatic compass of the hopes and aspirations of the ordinary people, the poor, the down-trodden and the hopeless in the society. 
A leader that sleeps and arises everyday with deep thoughts of what next step to take to better the lot of his people; a leader that rejoices when the people rejoice and mourns along with any citizen within his locale who suffers a loss; Like the good shepherd, the leader that lays down his life, forgoes his pleasure and comfort for the overall good of the people; that is Chief T. A. Orji, CON, Ochendo Global, the man whose divinely appointed presence on the saddle of leadership in Abia State at this time in human history, has brought smiles on the faces of the teaming population of Abians. 
He transformed Abia landscape with numerous monumental legacy and foundational projects that have set the tone for the future development of the State.
Numerous awards he has received from the Federal Government of Nigeria, International organizations, corporate institutions, private organizations, professional bodies, labour unions, the Media, Educational institutions, students Associations and many other awards yet to be accepted, are unequivocal declarations from every strata of society acknowledging that indeed a Daniel came to judgment in Abia State, in the person of Ochendo Global. 
It is indubitable that Chief T. A. Orji has redefined leadership and demystified governance by giving it its true meaning and sense of direction as people centered. For once, the people of Abia State have experienced the effect of true democracy as people-owned and people-controlled. 
His regular interactions with various segments of the populace, ranging from political leaders and major stake-holders; to traditional rulers, artisans, traders, landlords, labour leaders, farmers, community leaders,  women groups, students, transporters, the disabled and those often considered lowly by other well-placed people, brought Chief T. A. Orji closer to all sectors of  Abia society and gives him first-hand information on the aspirations and desires of every group within and even outside the State. There is hardly any state in Nigeria that Chief T. A. Orji is not abreast of events and conditions therein that affect the wellbeing of Ndi Abia resident in it. That explains why he responds swiftly whenever an adverse development occurs in any part of the country that could pose a threat to the security and comfort of Abians residing there. A case in point is the early steps he took to evacuate students of Abia origin and other Abians resident in some of the Boko Haram infested parts of Nigeria before the noxious escalation of the situation that is almost becoming endemic.
  The empowerment of youths in Abia State through the Ochendo Youth Foundation which brought unequalled transformation in the lives of so many families is one indelible investment which generations of Abians will continue to remember with nostalgia. In the annals of human development in Nigeria there was never a time before now, when more than 10,000 youths, men and women were equipped for better life as has been experienced in Abia State under the Adminstration of Chief T. A. Orji, CON, Ochendo Global.
It is on record that through the combined efforts of the Abia State Government Youth Empowerment Programme, the Ochendo Youth Foundation and the skills acquisition and empowerment programme of Her Excellency, Lady Mercy Odochi Orji’s office, so many young men and women in the State have been empowered with personal cars, buses, tricycles, electricity generating sets, sewing machines, refrigerators, electric cookers, hair dryers and other cosmetology equipment; clothing materials, wrappers, and other household accessories and cooking utensils too numerous to mention. The number of indigent people and widows who received cash and other gifts items from the Governor’s wife are far more than what was recorded in the past years of Abia existence before the emergence of Chief T. A. Orji as Governor. The songs of joy from those who had houses built for them by Her Excellency, lady Mercy Odochi Orji, have continued to reverberate. The lame, the blind and other disabled are reliving their wonderful experiences with dancing while praying for God’s blessings upon the Governor and his family.
It is no surprise therefore that the people of Abia Central Senatorial Zone, on Sunday, December 7, 2014, during the PDP primaries, in conformity with their stated stand and the general mandate of all Abians that Chief T. A. Orji, having served Ndi Abia creditably should be elected to represent Abia Central at the Senate in 2015, unanimously, without a dissent, elected our Governor as the PDP candidate for Abia Central Senatorial District in the 2015 general elections. It is equally gratifying that the PDP delegates had earlier elected the founder of Ochendo Youth Foundation, Chief Engr. Chinedum Orji as PDP candidate for Umuahia Central State Constituency in the Abia House of Assembly in the 2015 elections. Some other leaders who honoured the electorate in their various localities have been appreciated with return tickets from the delegates while some others decided to step down their ambitions to face other assignments. 
These are genuine rewards for honest hard work and committed service to the people. Certainly, one good turn deserves another. All the delegates who obeyed the will of the people in this regard deserve commendation. We are looking forward to the ratification of these choices by the generality of the electorate during the general elections in 2015.  This should serve good lessons to other leaders. Nigerians are wiser today than they were in years gone by.


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