prof jega

by Udoka Udogaranya, President NCSN

Ndigbo Cultural Society of Nigeria (NCSN) demands immediate sack of Prof. Attahiru Jega before he plunges Nigeria into political crisis that will ultimately implode Nigeria with his new polling units (PU) policy that was primarily designed to make Northerners kingmakers on Nigeria presidential elections.

This was the same old colonial masters’ grand plan of upgrading minority into majority and degrading majority into minority.

In the 1959 election, that preceded independence, Azikiwe’s party NCNC, which was predominant in the South with a few supporters in the North, scored a total of 2,594,577 votes to capture a mere 94 seats in the Federal House, while the Ahmadu Bello’s Party NPC scored a total of 1,992,179 votes to capture a huge total of 142 seats in the House, almost twice of that of Azikiwe with a far less votes.

In summary, 2,594,577 of mainly Southern votes had only 94 seats, while 1,992,179 of mainly Northern votes got 142 seats and thereby gives the North the right to choose prime minister in the parliament.

Because the colonial masters have given the North far more constituencies than the South, even when the North has far less voting population against the Southern Nigeria. 

In the same vein, Prof. Attahiru Jega in his creation of new polling units policy, is attempting to give the North  far more polling units than the North’s voting population, so that the Northern politicians can exaggerate their voting results to tantamount with the voting strength of this new polling units that Prof. Jega is blindly attempting to give to them, so that the North that has already been deserted by insurgency can have the power to determine who becomes president against the South with exponential increase in numbers as many northerners are relocating to the South.

Ndigbo will resist this new unwarranted policy of electoral fraud that is totally undemocratic, hence there are no indications that warrant any creation of polling units anywhere and elections were held successfully in Ekiti and Osun States without agitations of disenfranchisement.


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