Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara states has insisted that no ransom was paid to secure the  release of the over 300 abducted students of the Government Secondary School in the Jangebe.

“There is nothing in exchange for the release; we use those (bandits) that are repented. When we use them, they engage them and I said they should ask them why they did that”.

“Some of these guys did not accept our peace accord, they are many. Some of them even refused to show their faces to the government. But those that have a good intention of repenting and coming back to society, they are working with the security agencies  to make sure that the state is safe.”

He explained that his administration received the students after engaging the bandits, noting that he lost sleep within the period.

“I am very happy with the situation; I can’t measure how happy I was at that moment. On that very day, I did not sleep because they left Gusau around 11 am in the morning to the area where the children were kept.

“They did not come back to the state capital till after 4 am in the morning which we were all waiting for them in the Government House,” he added.

Governor Matawalle also said he was not at variance with the Federal Government regarding the declaration of ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Zamfara.

“This decision that was taken is very very good and what all Nigerians are looking for is how the bad elements can be flushed out from all corners of the country,” Matawalle stated on Channels Television Politics Today.





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