Video recording of some young people being tortured extremely have emerged online.

HOMELAND NEWS cannot independently confirm the source, but there are indications that the young people are kidnapped students.

The obviously starved young persons were subjected to severe torture of having their body sliced with knife.

While one was being flogged, he was pleading for help.

“Pay the money, pay the money. They gave me only today and they will kill me.”

One who looked like a lady, had no energy to cry any more while the captors flogged her indiscriminately.

A young man being tortured severely
A kidnapped student being flogged by her captors
The kidnappers use knife to cut the body of a young man

Over 800 students have been kidnapped between May and July. Many of them are still in captivity for more that 6 weeks.

Last week, bandits seized a negotiator who went to deliver the ransom raised by a community in Niger state for the release of 136 students kidnapped several weeks ago.

Nigeria authorities have been uncertain in dealing with the threat from the bandits who have shown it is being emboldened by the day.

On the 18th of July, an Airforce jet was brought down by bandits at the boundary between Kaduna and Zamfara states.

The pilot Air Lieutenant Abayomi Dairo survived the incident but the message is not lost on many, that the country’s security agency have wasted a lot of time in decisively dealing with the insurgency.

This wasted time may come back to haunt the entire country so direly.


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