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There is a gradual but very dangerous enthronement of illegality and impunity in our polity to the extent that the Police have no restriction any longer in interfering in legislative issues. This is the view expressed by the National Publicity of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh.

In a chat with HOMELAND NEWS in Lagos on Monday, Mr. Metuh accused the APC of brewing a plot to eliminate the Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu through several means.

Mr. Metuh said the invitation of Senator Ekweremadu by the Police, is only a public demonstration of what he called “high level gang-up” to deprive the senator of the mandate freely given to him by his colleagues in the senate. The party spokesman said that since the President publicly refused to recognize the election of Ekweremadu as a principal officer in the assembly, some over-zealous security personnel and desperate politicians see that as an endorsement of “remove him by hook or by crook” arrangement.

He urged the APC to return to the floor of the senate and explore the constitutional means of changing the leadership of the senate; instead of attempting to bully or intimidate Senator Ekweremadu.

He called on the President to make do his pledge of being the President of all Nigerians and not of a Political party.

“During the campaign, President Buhari told us that he may not be able to change the past but he can affect the future. I was impressed by that statement. But look around you, more than one month into the administration, there is no sign that anything is happening”

Mr. Metuh wondered why the APC government will not begin to deliver on the numerous promises it made to Nigerians than waste its time in propaganda.

“They told us that in two months, Boko Haram will end, they told us they will pay N5,000 to all unemployed Nigerians, they promised bring the Naira at per with the dollar. There is no sign of any of these going to happen”

According to Mr. Metuh, APC should appreciate the magnanimity of the PDP in even allowing APC to keep the office of the President of the Senate on a day it could have returned its members as both President of the Senate and the deputy.

On the appointment of Mrs Amina Zakari as the Acting Chairman of INEC, the PDP spokesman said the biggest worry is that a President who had run a government for more than a month without a Secretary to the Government or a Chief of Staff and not even special advisers is not likely to name a substantive chairman in one year.

He said that it will be difficult for the PDP to accept the result of any election to be conducted by INEC under the leadership of Mrs. Zakari because the independence of the commission under her cannot be guaranteed.



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