Uber and Bolt e-cab drivers in Lagos are poised to withdraw their services on Monday.

Some of them met today in Lagos where they asked the e-hailing companies to immediately increase fares being charged by the operators, in line with current economic realities.

They said if this is not done, they will go off the roads.

National President of Professional E-hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association, Idris Shonuga, at a news conference in Lagos, said the companies had refused to review its pricing despite unprecedented increases in the price of all elements in their business.

Over 95 per cent of e-hailing transactions are carried out on Uber and Bolt platforms.

“In a quest to work and harmoniously at resolving some issues, the association wrote several letters to the companies which was not attended to, showing nonchalant attitude towards our plight.

“Your companies have failed, refused and neglected to honour our request for a meeting to discuss issues beneficial to all e-hailing drivers in Nigeria.

“And to fashion a harmonious relationship that will benefit, dignify and improve the standard of living of e-hailing drivers, private car owners and the general standard of e-hailing business in the country.

“Instead of fixing a new and reasonable fare in line with inflation, the companies have recklessly continued to maintain the low fare, thereby, impoverishing hard working young Nigerians who are diligently and lawfully trying to make a decent living,” Mr Shonuga said.


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