bishop chukwuma

From Paul Ibe, Enugu

The political atmosphere in Enugu State has entered a different phase as the Anglican Bishops within the province threaten to resist any attempt by the PDP to field Roman Catholics as governorship and deputy governorship candidates in the next election
They insisted that since the PDP candidate in the state, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, is a Roman Catholic by faith, there is need for his running mate to be an Anglican, so as to give them a sense of belonging in the state.
Addressing newsmen in Enugu alongside other five Bishops, the Arch Bishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical
Province, Most Rev Emmanuel  Chukwuma, alleged that despite the huge population and contribution of Anglicans in the development of the state,  Gov. Chime’s government marginalized them in areas of lands, schools and political appointments.
Arch Bishop Chukwuma said that the Anglican Bishops were not against Ugwuanyi, “we wholeheartedly support his candidature because we believe that as it is now, there is no other candidate that is more credible than Ugwuanyi, but Ugwuanyi should not succumb to the pressure of selfish
people who wants to perpetrate their sister or their brother as his
“At the federal level, people are not happy with Christian/Christian ticket, hence the president has taken a very good stand to return as president and pick a Moslem as his running mate. Why should Enugu state therefore nominate a Roman Catholic governorship candidate who we are not against and wanting again to nominate a Roman Catholic as the Deputy Governor he asked?
” We Anglicans say no to that kind of arrangement. We are not in minority in Enugu state and
we totally reject that intention and we are warning that if they want peace to reign in this state and for
them to enjoy our cooperation, it should not be Roman Catholic/ Roman Catholic ticket.

“You can say these Anglicans like Jim Nwobodo, C.C Onoh were governors, but after that time all those who have been governors, they cannot prove to us that Anglicans have been governor or Deputy Governor. “When Chimaroke Nnamani, a Methodist took over from Navy Capt Agbaje, he made Okechukwu Itanyi, a Roman Catholic his Deputy. After that, he handed over to Sullivan Chime who is a Catholic and Sullivan chose Onyebuchi, who is a Methodist as his Deputy. ” Now, he is going away again, Ugwuanyi Ifeanyi, we don’t have anything against his candidature, but we are saying give us an Anglican Deputy, otherwise you are looking for our trouble. “If you look at Enugu state right now; if you talk about governor, not Anglican; deputy, not Anglican; Speaker not Anglican; SSG, not Anglican; Chief of Staff, not Anglican; where are we? “Commissioners,we are marginalized, we don’t have good number, they are not more than three or four,’ The Bishop stated.



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